Jan 16, 2009


Here I am once again, failing in pie says!

G'day. Today has been relatively interesting. Started school at 8.30 with English.. Great fun! Mala (my teacher) was in the same great mood as always. Got back my Cambridge test.. Oh lord..

Max points: 70 (I think)
Pass limit: 45
My score: 38

I'm so pro at this English thing.. Or well, only two people in my class passed so.. :D

And then I accidently said the "f-word" and got thrown out.. So I sat in the kiosk until lunch, studied some, ate some candy, sold some candy and such. Then it was lunch.. Oh lord.. My school isn't really known for great food (once was though), but this was horrible. Some sort of meat, I don't even want to guess what it was, with potatoes and gravy.. Oh my unexisting god.. The taste of the meat was "OK", but the look of it made me want to throw up.. So I didn't really eat anything.. Instead I went back to the kiosk and sat there until the Music class began :O

And when I got there I heard the good news.. My group won the school competion with our Heaven's on Fire cover! Kickass dawg. Now we're up against all the other schools and I hope that all of you will help us win by voting :) <3

Anyways, after that I went back to the kiosk once more. This time I had to wait for Max and the other guys to finnish they classes so that we could go buy Johan a gift (was his birthday yesterday, party tomorrow) and so we did :) Won't tell you what we got him since he might read this, but I'll make sure to update you on that ;)

Then we got picked up by Mr.Boström who drove us to the SYSTEMBOLAG (liqourstore woop woop) where he bought us some "lemonade".

Anyways.. Been quite a good day so far.. Might end the evening with either going down to a pub to drink my head of or I'll go with Yohahn to Stockholm to see a show?

Anyways.. 'till next time, drink the yellow snow, it might be beer!

Toodles ;D

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