Mar 31, 2009

End Begins

Soo.. Now that school is coming to it's closure and everything, I feel really excited. We have our 'graduation party' tomorrow which I hope will be lots of fun, we've worked quite hard the last couple of weeks (especially Jamal, kudos to that little fella) and me and Johan went to Stockholm today to make the final payment. So everything is set up, and tomorrow the party begins!

I still have a couple of minor things I need to do in school, but I'm getting closer to being finished by the day (might not be going fast but it's going) and I'm really looking forward to graduating..

Also, in late April we will go to Edinburgh with my English class which I think will be lots of fun! Travelling is what I want to do when I graduate so this will be a good warm up for that :) I have also been checking up on trips to America, more precisely New York and I might go there in September, nothing is carved in stone yet but I really hope I can get it done cus I've always wanted to go there. Then if someone wants to go with me, or if I have to go alone, we'll see.

Another thing I look forward to is Metaltown :) Will be awesome to finally see Slipknot live since I missed them last time they played over here in our penis shaped country. And the rest of the line up is quite awesome as well!

Now I don't know what to write anymore! Feels like I'll just rant on about stuff no one cares about so I'll just shut up :)

See ya around!

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  1. I wish I was a penis shaped country. That way I could have secks with Saudi Arabia. It kinda looks like a vagina, I think...