Apr 13, 2009

"Easter Dinner"

Hello all unfaithful readers!

The weekend has been quite interesting.. but still not. Here's the story;

Weekend started on Thursday, we actually had school half the day but it felt very "ovärt" as we say so I skipped it and worked from home instead. Didn't do much that day, played some basketball on the afternoon.

On Friday i packed up my computer and all that comes with it and Paul picked me up and we went to Älvsjö where Dreamsters had their LAN-Party. When I started up my computer I immediately noticed that something was wrong; drivers were fucking around, warning messages etc etc. So I checked around and apparently I had gotten a nasty virus that had fucked everything up, so I borrowed a OS CD from a friend and formated everything and started of at square 1. So there I was, with a computer that had nothing on it.. I started transfering some games and such from friends and eventualle the LAN was on. Didn't really play that much though, feels like I'm getting too old for it or something.. The whole thing mainly consisted of fucking around, too little sleep and accidents. And it got me thinking that maybe I shouldn't go to Dreamhack as a gamer this year, so I signed up for their Crew, we'll see how that goes, I'm not hoping for much.

Well anyways, I got back home on Sunday around lunch. Was just tired and I felt that I started to get sick, I had probably caught my dad's cold. So didn't do much that day either, went out and played some more basketball with my friends and such.

Today, Monday, I planned to just relax and sleep. Went to bed at 01.xx and got woke up by my mom who called me at 13.xx. 12 hours of sleep and I still felt like a wreck.. But my mom missed me so darn much so I had to get up and get ready, my mom's fionce's parents came and picked me up and we went out to my mom's house (out in the woods for those that don't know) where we had dinner and I played som Guitar Hero with my brother. Then we went home again and since then I've just been sitting here doing nothing, sneezing and stuff.. Not the funnies thing in the world but you have to experience all parts to live a life. Oh I watched Harry Potter (1) on tv as well.. Great movie.. Lol .

I was gonna go to school tomorrow even though we have this week off to fix some stuff that I've fallen behind in, but I feel like crap right now and I doubt I will feel better tomorrow so I sent an e-mail to my teacher and asked if he could send the stuff I need to do.. bleh.

Well I guess I'll stay up for a bit longer.. But the bed looks really apealing right now..

Thanks for tuning in,

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