Apr 27, 2009

The enormous, the enraged and the envious.

Soo here we are again. New day, new week, and a whole new year for me. Or well, tomorrow at least.

So anyways, today we finished up our project work. We didn't fully complete it, but anyways.. Shit is getting closer. I'm still a bit behind in a couple of courses and I really need to pull my shit together really soon. Would have loved to do it this week but I feel that there is too much other stuff going on so that's probably not going to happen.. The plans for this week are;

Monday: That's today, I've been in school, overslept a bit but that's no biggie. Got home, finished a religion thingy that I had lying around.. Now I'm gonna eat soon, I think and hope, then I'm just gonna chill.. Music<3

Tuesday: Tomorrow.. Tuesday.. Birthday.. I really don't want to? I don't know why.. I'm so very not excited for this birthday.. Maybe it's the fact that it won't change anything, or that I'm getting closer to death.. I don't really know. But as it comes for plans for the day, not much. School from 12.45 to 15.10, then I'm gonna go home, mom's coming over and we're gonna "celebrate" or something.

Wednsday: First school, only have a "half day" then we're gonna go to the university next door for our "hat on taking" (nice translation huh?) and then I'm off to work.

Thursday: This is also only a "half day" in school, got a test in religion and then I'm free to go home. Later that night I'm going to stockholm to drink myself really drunk. Thats that.

Friday: No school, no idea what's going to happen here really.

Saturday: Work 15-18.15 other than that, nothing special planned

Sunday: Sleep? We'll see :)

It's an interesting week to say the least.. We'll see how it turns out!

Until next time, remember to turn off the oven.


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