Apr 16, 2009


Oh my [enter name of imaginary creature with godlike powers here]! It's already thursday.. Damn the days fly by when you sleep to 13.xx every day.. hmm..

Haven't done much these days, been home, sick, tired.. And ye.. As I said in the previous entry I sent an email to my teacher so that he could give me something to do, but then I changed my password to the email client.. and now I don't remember what I changed it to.. Great. Graduation's getting close and I'm still behind.. But as I always say.. It will be ok.. :)

Anyways, I'm feeling way better now, just a bit asdsadfsadf in my throat but that I can live with! I want to do stuff, but I don't know what. If you have me on Facebook you might have seen my status update yesterday where I said that Sandra has turned me into a Coldplay freak.. Well I recorded a video of me playing their song Shiver on bass a couple of minutes ago, uploading it to youtube as we speak.. But I realised something, I kinda suck :D I'm gonna look around for some more online lessons and hopefully get better, 'cus I really think it's fun to play, just wish I could do it better! But we'll see... uhum..

So that's what I'm gonna do now. Maybe go bugger Johan later? Or tomorrow? I think he misses me. :D

Anyways, chat t'y'all later!


Edit: Oh yeah! KSE's new album is out soon :D *excited*

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