May 14, 2009

The greedy graduation god

Sooo.. I was going to make a post on sunday but I forgot about it, then I remembered it but I couldn't be arsed.. so yeah.. I'll try to put something together now.

Saturday didn't turn out the way I had planned, we didn't go to beachhallen as planned, instead we went to Johan's place and förkröka, which was interesting, there's a vid on youtube somewhere.. Then we wen't down to O'learys and spent the rest of the evening there.. It was fun and such.. But by now I barely remember anything of it :) Tough luck.

This week in school has been quite interesting, but it has passed in lightning speed.. Can't remember what I have done each day but I have gotten quite alot of stuff finnished up, which feels good, but I still have lots to do. Only about a week left before they put the final grades, really hope I can get my shit together by then.. Otherwise I'm fucked.

Well well. No time to sit here and "daddla". Got to hold a 20 minute presentation in English tomorrow, and I can barely speak at the moment .. yay me..



May 9, 2009

Green green gremlins.

Sooooo here I am. Still alive. Still breathing. Uhm yeah.

Been a while since my last blog, but that's life. Don't think anyone missed it too much :)

It's been an interesting week, with both ups and downs but overall it's been good. A lot better than last week at least. I'll sum it all up in a longer post tomorrow, if I remember too.

Today I'm just gonna chillax, play some music etc but later tonight I'm going to beachhallen to eat, drink and parteey.

See you around,

May 2, 2009


So.. this week is coming to an end.. well there's still tomorrow. But that's just a sunday.

The week has contained LOTS of mixed feeling towards everything. Unfortunately most of them were 'bad'. I haven't been myself, it has really been an emotional week..

Had a short week in school. Had a birthday. Went out and had fun. And still I feel like crap. People have been really nice to me, asking whats up but I haven't been able to answer them, which makes me feel even worse, it makes me feel ungrateful that I can't tell them about it. But the thing is, I don't know what's wrong.

I wish I was 90 years old so that I could demand that someone should take care of me, without feeling bad. I could really use someone right now, but I feel pathetic, I don't deserve it.

People are confusing. Feelings are confusing. I'm really confusing..

Anyway.. Thanks to everyone that's been here for me, that still are.. And sorry for the way I have acted towards you, you deserve better.

Lets hope that next week will turn out better..


I can't even explain why the tears are rushing from my eyes. Guess they don't like it there.