May 14, 2009

The greedy graduation god

Sooo.. I was going to make a post on sunday but I forgot about it, then I remembered it but I couldn't be arsed.. so yeah.. I'll try to put something together now.

Saturday didn't turn out the way I had planned, we didn't go to beachhallen as planned, instead we went to Johan's place and förkröka, which was interesting, there's a vid on youtube somewhere.. Then we wen't down to O'learys and spent the rest of the evening there.. It was fun and such.. But by now I barely remember anything of it :) Tough luck.

This week in school has been quite interesting, but it has passed in lightning speed.. Can't remember what I have done each day but I have gotten quite alot of stuff finnished up, which feels good, but I still have lots to do. Only about a week left before they put the final grades, really hope I can get my shit together by then.. Otherwise I'm fucked.

Well well. No time to sit here and "daddla". Got to hold a 20 minute presentation in English tomorrow, and I can barely speak at the moment .. yay me..



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