Jun 14, 2009

Names for the wicked

And IiiiiIiiii don't want to fall in love..

Hi guys! Missed me? No? Thought so.

Haven't updated this shit in a while but eh, who cares.

My last post was may 14th, which is almsot a month ago and quite a lot have happened since, but I haven't really felt like blogging..

Anyways, I have graduated and such, it all went fine but I was a bit sick at the time so no woptido graduation party.. But it was nice..

So now I'm quite free, no more school.. finally.. I'll work some in the summer, not much now in the beginning but after I come home from Metaltown and Gothemburg I will get more into that..

So right now that's whats going on in my life: nothing.

More general stuff;

I'm quite disappointed in people developing mobile apps.. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is for the iPhone.. And hey, nothing wrong with that I guess, but since I'm a SonyEricsson Xperia user I would love some apps that I could use.. Make some more Windows Mobile apps.. I know it sucks but hey, please?

I guess it's just like programs for computers were a while back; practically everyone was using PCs and no one was using MACs so everything that came out was for PCs, until Apple realised they had to improve themselves so they released the slimmer, better looking computers and stuff and people got more interested in that..

So I guess I'll have to wait until Windows Mobile is better until I can get something for it.. Hope I can lay my hands on Google Android though..

Another thing, next week is like weird for "name's days", thats something we celebrate in sweden.. or not really celebrate but eh, each day has one or two name and that's "their" day.. But hey, next week, like only uncommon names.. made me giggle..

Margit, Margot, Axel, Axelina, Torborg, Torvald, Björn, Bjarne, Germund, Görel, Linda, Alf and Alvar..

And people are having trouble naming their babies!? just look at all the fancy names that are available!

Maybe I should blog more cus I have almost forgotten how to write... guh.. spellcheck<3

Until next time, much love