Sep 16, 2009

My Suffering

Good evening.

Yes, this is Simon.

And yes, I am posting a blog.

I don't know why really. I was talking to Sanna about writing and got the urge to write.. stuff..?

I'll be honest, life hasn't been jolly at all lately, there's not much that cheers me up. I could rant on about me being emo for ages but I'll just skip that and write about what I've been up to and what I'm going to be up to in the near future.

My memory is vague, I barely remember last week. Nothing overwhelmingly exciting has happened though, mostly work and sittingathomedoingnothingness. Last Saturday I went to Huddinge and met Sanna, we ate some kebab (she had some veggie burger..) and then we went back to her place and watched Torkel i knipa (Eng.: Terkel in Trouble), great movie. Cozy evening. After that I went (I've spelled went = wen't twice now) back to Södertälje where I was going to meet Johan, when I met Johan I also met Jimmie and Dennis and we went to Old McLovis where we spent the rest of the night drinking and talking..

Funny thing is, "funny", the last two times I've been to McLovis someone has gotten hurt outside. And when I say hurt I don't mean that someone had a beer too much and tripped on the curb, but someone getting a lung punctured by a knife or knocked out by blunt force. Great city? Yeah.

Anyway.. After the drinking I started the journey home, called Jamal, slipped in the grass and screamed at some random people. I woke up late on Sunday and went to my sister Nina for dinner. Her daughter is awesome. Like awesome. Links to pics down belooow.

On Monday I worked 'till 6 o'clock and then I went to Harry B James in Stockholm where my friend was going to play with his band, had some fun but went home quite early.

The day after that (Tuesday for those that couldn't figure that out) I slept almost the whole day and then I went down to Ceasar's Pub and Resturant where I ate dinner and alcoholized myself with my co-workers. Had a great evening, but a not so great morning today.

Working when you're hungover is no fun, both myself and Peter can agree to that.

A pleasant surprise was that Chester Bennington had released a new song from his upcoming "solo" project Dead By Sunrise's album. The song is entitled 'My Suffering', like this blogpost, and I fell in love with it right away. I think it's by far the best song that has come out in 2009 so far, I'm really looking forward to the album now! Link to download the song down below!

Got the rest of the week off from work, except for 3 hours on Saturday night. On Tuesday me and Fläskis (Malin) are going to the recording of Boston Tea Party (for non swedes: it's a tv-show, has nothing to do with the actual Boston Tea Party) which I think will be really fun and interesting.

Other than that theres not much going on. I'm spending my free time alone, doing nothing. If you have any ideas on what I can do, feel free to tell me!

Oh btw, me and Anton are going to Amsterdam. Forgot to say that. But yeh. October 4-7 :)

Now I'm going to continue my doingnothingness while listening to some great tunes. Thanks for checking in!



Picture of Edith - Dead By Sunrise's 'My Suffering' - Me playing Yellow Submarine on Rock Band Beatles - Animosity, My guild for the upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic