Jan 30, 2010

Fresh Fry! I embed thee!

Good evening my friends.

It's not really evening though. It's 6pm but it feels like it's at least 9. Been a rather long day, relatively speaking. I usually get up at around 12 or 1 on days that I don't work on, but this morning I had to get up at 9.30, because my brother would come pick me up at 10. We were going to Trosa! Trosa is located here:

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Anywaaays. We went there, we both got haircuts and then we went home. Trosa is a nice little city. Lots of old buildings and water and boats. But it was so god damn cold that I was unable to appreciate it all, I'll save that for the summer. The rest of this day and evening will consist of absolutely nothing, gotta work tomorrow and really, it's so cold outside I would have to call me stupid so many times for going out. If only someone could come here.. Meh! I have the internet!

And now, to the main reason for this post; DEMON HUNTER. Really, I know a lot of people haven't heard of them, but they are truly an awesome band. Check 'em out! Would be awesome if we could raise their status in Sweden so that they one day could come here and perform (they haven't played outside the US yet as far as I know). I emailed them on MySpace a while back and they replied with this:

"Hey Simon-

Thanks for writing us and the kind words. We really hope to tour Europe/UK at some point, we would love to get over there. Lord willing, maybe next year sometime.

The new record is going great, REALLY stoked on the way it is coming together.

God Bless,
Bass Player for Demon Hunter"

So yeah, hopefully I get to see them soon. Their new album 'The world is a thorn' will be released on March 9th. Here's a video of them performing their song 'Fading Away':


Jan 28, 2010

Fish! And bad company..

Sooo I woke up this morning, at around seven, unintentionally, and was like "Oh my god, didn't that email I got from EA say I would be able to download the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta at six?" So I go up, boot up my PC and try to log on. Nope. Nothing. I check around and see that on their website they have written 6 pm. But in the email it just said 6. Oh lord. How stupid. If they don't put am or pm you would assume that they meant 6 as in 24-hour format. Ah well, back to sleep.

Woke up at around 12, looked around a bit until I got a call from work; a person was sick and I had to jump in. Great, extra money! When I got there I realized I had to work in the charcuterie, sell fish and such. Great fun. It all went good and I'm home safe now, and I gotta say; I really love this fish smell... *coughs*

So, it was past 6 (pm) now so I was going to download the beta client, finally. I go onto EA's website and what do I see? They've chosen Fileplanet and 2 other crappy sites to officially mirror the client. I got soooo pissed. Seriously, Fileplanet is the crappiest shit that's ever walked the face of the internets. They also had around 30 fanpages that had been chosen to host the file. After looking through almost all of them I finally found a link that worked. Like really, EA, is it so god damn hard to host something on your own multi-million dollar servers? Do you really have to rely on Windows 2000 powered fan page servers? I mean come on!

And when I finally get on, I can't connect. I've been "playing" for almost 3 hours now, but I've only spent about 20 minutes in an actual game. I know, it's beta, no idea to complain. But really. I'm not very happy.

That is all I had to say today. Really.


Jan 27, 2010

Nystart + Nexus One

Hello everyone! As you might see, if you ever visited this blog before, I have changed the layout a bit. I went from my 'default' Orange/Red/Black color scheme to a, in my opinion, slicked black and white one.

I started writing some @ my Bilddagboken and after a while I realized how much I miss writing. Lately I have only been writing on various forums (see links of interest at bottom) and that's not very personal really.. So I'm going to give blogging a new chance :) This first comeback blog will not be very personal though. There's been quite a few interesting events in my life in the recent weeks but I don't feel I'm ready to write about them yet.. And I don't even know what to say about the really :) So I will save that for later.

So, this blog will be about my new phone! I recently purchased a Google Nexus One and I got it delivered here yesterday (from USA) and I'm loving every bit about it. This is my second smartphone/touchscreen phone and my first Google Android phone, but I've been wanting one for oh so long. I ordered the phone from the USA since it as of now is not available for purchase if you live in Sweden, but of course there is a way to work around that! And I will write a small guide after my "review" of the phone, since quite a few have been asking how I got my hands on one, how much it costs etc.

So, first impressions! I got woken up by a call from DHL yesterday morning, I got really excited right away since I had been waiting for almost a week. I opened the door, scribbled my name on the sign sheet and slammed the door shut in the delivery mans face.. Not very nice? Eh, I had more important things to worry about.

After cutting my way through the millions of layers of tape I finally saw the very slick white box which only had the text "Nexus One" and the Google logo on it.. When I opened the lid the air pressure made some weird sound which only added to the excitement. And then, there it was. My very own Nexus One phone.

The phone came with some really cool looking headphones, which carries an awesome sound quality by the way, a nice little pocket to keep the phone in to avoid scratching and the usual chargers and USB cables. The USB cable is a USB-Micro cable by the way, which is the smallest USB connector right now, it is today not as usual as the USB-Mini but it is going to become the standard cable for Mobile phones so..

The phone looks great, and the feel in your hand is just awesome. After charging it for a bit I started it up, and you are first prompted to log onto your Google account (if you don't have a Google account or a Gmail address you can create one). You can skip this, but you will miss out on a lot of features if you do not connect your phone to your Google account. And after a small built in tutorial it was straight ahead to apping and playing around!

It is by far the best phone I have ever owned. My last phone, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 was ok. But the N1 wins by a landslide. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is looking into getting a new phone!

Technical Specifications of the phone can be found here.

But the question still remains.. How do you get one to Sweden? Well there are a couple of different ways to go, but this is how I did it and as far as I know it's the cheapest and safest way.

I started looking at SweDroid's Nexus One forums for different ways to get one and heres the alternatives I found:

  • Order through International-Orders.com
  • Order through google.com/phone with a proxy and BorderlinxUS
  • Order through google.com/phone through a friend
International-Orders was my first option, it look alright. To order from them you simply go to their website and place a order, they take care of the rest, at least that is what they say. After a while I saw that a lot of people were complaining about International-Orders; some didn't get their orders shipped, some got their orders without the extra accessories they ordered etc. And, the final cost for ordering a phone from there would end at about 5200SEK at the best. I quickly decided that this was not the way to go.

Since I don't have any friends I felt I could use to order a phone through, I decided to take a look at the "Borderlinx Way". This seemed safer, they did everything by the book (unlike I-O) and people seemed satisfied with their services. There was only one problem, they were expensive. Cheapest orders were around 5500SEK and I thought to myself "Wow, there must be another way".

And there was! The way Borderlinx work, is that you create an account on their website which gives you a so called "suite address" which basically is an address at their headquarters, in your name. So you go to google.com/phone while using a proxy (if you don't use a proxy the site will tell you that the phone cannot be ordered from your country) and then you order the phone to your Borderlinx Suite address. Borderlinx then ships your package from their facilities to your home address.

After creating an account at Borderlinx I saw that I had two suite addresses, one located in the US and one in the UK. So I started fiddling with Borderlinx Cost Calculator and I realized that it would be much cheaper to have Google ship the phone to the UK (which is one of the 4 countries that "can" order the phone) and then have Borderlinx ship it from there home to me, than to have Google ship it to another US-address and then Borderlinx ship it from the US to Sweden.

The total cost for my phone ended up at around 4400SEK. Which by what I've seen is the cheapest you can get it without using a friend in one of the countries that can order the phone.

Quick Guide to Ordering:

Create an account at Borderlinx. Connect to Google.com/phone through a proxy, I used one from this list. Make sure it's a US proxy, but if it doesn't work just try another one until it does.

Order the phone! Make sure you write in your BorderlinxUK Suite Address as the address to ship to, and your own home address (or the address of the one who's paying for the phone) in as the payment address.

Google will send you an email confirming the purchase, and as soon as they ship the phone they will provide a tracking number so that you can see where your phone is. After a few days your phone will arrive at your Borderlinx address and you'll have to go to Borderlinx and confirm your package and ship it onwards to your home address. Borderlinx will charge you additionally for the handling and shipping from the UK to Sweden (or wherever you may live). I had to pay them 370SEK.

And then? Well, wait! Soon you'll get your phone delivered :) And you will most likely enjoy it.

Summary of purchase:
Order method: Proxy+Google.com/Phone+BorderlinxUK
Total Cost: ~4400SEK
Order placed on: January 20th
Order delivered on: January 26th
Note: Fast delivery, considering there was a weekend in between there!

I hope all this helped, if there is something else you wonder about, feel free to email me at zephran123@gmail.com or hit me up on Twitter@JethroLancelot!

Remember, prices may vary and this is just how I did it and how much I payed. I will not take responsibility if your shipment ends up costing more, but it shouldn't.

Soooo. That would be all for today! Thanks for reading! ;D

Edit: Info about Swedish customs:

Internethandel, från annat EU-land

Varor som du köper inom EU behöver du inte anmäla till oss.
Varor som du beställer från ett EU-land räknas i de flesta fall, som inrikeshandel. Du behöver inte betala någon tull. Moms betalar du i det landet du beställer varan från, den ska vara inkluderad i priset. Du behöver därför inte betala ytterligare moms i Sverige. Speditören tar inte ut någon speditionsavgift.
  • Fraktkostnad tillkommer.
  • Momsen betalar du i avsändarlandet. Hur stor momsen blir beror på land och vara.

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Jan 21, 2010

So now I've come to the final sleep.. I pray that forgiveness is mine to keep.. I know it's hard to forget this man, driving the failure into your hands..