Jan 28, 2010

Fish! And bad company..

Sooo I woke up this morning, at around seven, unintentionally, and was like "Oh my god, didn't that email I got from EA say I would be able to download the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta at six?" So I go up, boot up my PC and try to log on. Nope. Nothing. I check around and see that on their website they have written 6 pm. But in the email it just said 6. Oh lord. How stupid. If they don't put am or pm you would assume that they meant 6 as in 24-hour format. Ah well, back to sleep.

Woke up at around 12, looked around a bit until I got a call from work; a person was sick and I had to jump in. Great, extra money! When I got there I realized I had to work in the charcuterie, sell fish and such. Great fun. It all went good and I'm home safe now, and I gotta say; I really love this fish smell... *coughs*

So, it was past 6 (pm) now so I was going to download the beta client, finally. I go onto EA's website and what do I see? They've chosen Fileplanet and 2 other crappy sites to officially mirror the client. I got soooo pissed. Seriously, Fileplanet is the crappiest shit that's ever walked the face of the internets. They also had around 30 fanpages that had been chosen to host the file. After looking through almost all of them I finally found a link that worked. Like really, EA, is it so god damn hard to host something on your own multi-million dollar servers? Do you really have to rely on Windows 2000 powered fan page servers? I mean come on!

And when I finally get on, I can't connect. I've been "playing" for almost 3 hours now, but I've only spent about 20 minutes in an actual game. I know, it's beta, no idea to complain. But really. I'm not very happy.

That is all I had to say today. Really.


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