Jan 30, 2010

Fresh Fry! I embed thee!

Good evening my friends.

It's not really evening though. It's 6pm but it feels like it's at least 9. Been a rather long day, relatively speaking. I usually get up at around 12 or 1 on days that I don't work on, but this morning I had to get up at 9.30, because my brother would come pick me up at 10. We were going to Trosa! Trosa is located here:

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Anywaaays. We went there, we both got haircuts and then we went home. Trosa is a nice little city. Lots of old buildings and water and boats. But it was so god damn cold that I was unable to appreciate it all, I'll save that for the summer. The rest of this day and evening will consist of absolutely nothing, gotta work tomorrow and really, it's so cold outside I would have to call me stupid so many times for going out. If only someone could come here.. Meh! I have the internet!

And now, to the main reason for this post; DEMON HUNTER. Really, I know a lot of people haven't heard of them, but they are truly an awesome band. Check 'em out! Would be awesome if we could raise their status in Sweden so that they one day could come here and perform (they haven't played outside the US yet as far as I know). I emailed them on MySpace a while back and they replied with this:

"Hey Simon-

Thanks for writing us and the kind words. We really hope to tour Europe/UK at some point, we would love to get over there. Lord willing, maybe next year sometime.

The new record is going great, REALLY stoked on the way it is coming together.

God Bless,
Bass Player for Demon Hunter"

So yeah, hopefully I get to see them soon. Their new album 'The world is a thorn' will be released on March 9th. Here's a video of them performing their song 'Fading Away':


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