Feb 9, 2010

as a tourist in my own head

That's what my autobiography is going to be called. If I ever put the effort into writing one.

I came up with the name after pointing myself in the eye, with my FINGER thank you very much, Mr.Harcourt. I just watched another movie! Wow, best one so far I think. Don't even remember the last two I wrote about but man, this one is way better. It's called Law Abiding Citizen and it's about this crazy guy and this other guy that tries to stop the crazy guy but the crazy guy keeps outsmarting him so that he almost goes crazy but eventually the crazy guy (the second one) gets the crazy guy (the first one) and makes him pay for all the craziness. I strongly recommend that you check it out, especially if you like some 'smart' thrillers. It sort of reminds me of Prison Break, the season (the only one I watched), but it feels even smarter.

Wow. Anyways. Uhh. I'm hungry, and I don't really know what to do about it. Well I know "what" to do, but I don't have any tools for that specific task. So, yay me.

Bedtime soon I supposed, just felt like updating this readerlessblog. Woop.