Feb 24, 2010

Music, movies and malfunctioning hardware

Hi fellas.

Wow. I just read a note that Demon Hunter put up on their Facebook page, apparently the Deluxe Edition of their upcoming CD The World is a Thorn is almost sold out. I'm so glad I ordered mine in time. It will be sweet. If you haven't heard the new song [url=http://www.facebook.com/notes/demon-hunter/a-note-re-the-world-is-a-thorn-deluxe-box-edition/322261387053]Collapsing[/url] yet, check it out! It features Björn "Speed" Strid from Soilwork and is just amazing.

That's it for the music part. Now: Movies. The last three days I've watched 3 different movies.

  • Sunday: The Godfather
  • Monday: The Informant
  • Tuesday: The Godfather Part II
Now, what's the deal about the Godfather? Everyone says it's so good but I just can't see it. Sure they are good movies.. But really, they are too long and lack continuity so much.. Might just be me. But eh, 3/5 @ Filmtipset.

The Informant? Well it was alright I guess, great story but meh. Didn't enjoy it too much. Probably a 3 as well. Maybe even a 2. Hmm.

Now: Malfunctioning Hardware

My dads Graphics card stopped working. Or well, the drivers bugged. Read up about it and found a whole bunch of solutions to the problem, but specific solutions only worked for specific individuals. Or something. After trying a few I gave up and we decided to order a new card instead. Now it runs like a clock. Never seen a clock run though.

Now I don't have much else to say. I really just want things to change. Somehow. But how?

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