Feb 3, 2010

Nexus One Multitouch!

Many have complained that the Nexus One didn't come with any multi-touch features, but Google quickly fixed that and released an update which adds a couple of multi-touch functions to the Browser, the Gallery and to Maps. The update is being sent out to phones during this week so if you have a Nexus One you can expect an update soon. If you don't want to wait on the other hand, you can download the file Here.

Installation instructions: (thanks to blunden @ SweDroid)

1. Rename the file to Update.zip
2. Put the file in the root of your SD-Card
3. Turn of your phone
4. Press and hold down the power button as well as the "Volume DOWN" button at the same time
5. Use your volume button to choose "Recovery" from the menu and press the power button to select it
6. Press and hold down the power button as well as the "Volume UP" button at the same time to bring forth the menu
7. Choose "Apply Update.zip"
8. When it's finished, select "Reboot"
9. Enjoy!

Expect a personal blog tonight or tomorrow.. Until then, toodles!

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