Aug 17, 2010

Haven't written anything more @ Doors and Bridges. Was a dead end.

Just wrote this as a comment to someone on Dailybooth who wanted to hear a story. Sometimes I'm surprised by my improvisations. Heh.

The snow lied still and frosty over the muddy ground, the mans limping footsteps conjured a crunching sound in the otherwise silent forest. The moon was the only source of light and it put dark shadows across his scarred face. He was all alone, with no goal. He kept walking until he reached a fallen tree, a victim to mother nature's wrath. He stood still, looking at it for a couple of minutes before he decided to step up onto it and the second his second foot touched the worn out bark a bell rang in the distant. This was it. He had reached his first checkpoint.

He swiftly, without a sign of the previous limp, hopped down from the log and started jogging towards where the bell had rang. The forest was not silent anymore, there was an odd racket going on everywhere, footsteps behind every tree, but he kept his eyes locked in a forward position. He would not let go of his new found goal. He increased his pace, almost running, his long dark coat flicking his ankles as he did so. All of a sudden the snow covered ground beneath his feet was gone. He was falling into darkness, hands of light tugging him from all directions, but nothing stopped him.

It was all over.